Separating Ourselves From The Competition


We are committed to building customizable and scalable e-learning platforms that supplement the learning process.


We look at the entire professional life cycle of the customer and tailor our products and processes to meet their needs.


We help professionals leverage their resources and contacts to gain a competitive edge in their field.


Beginning with the EMS community, our fully customizable e-learning platforms were built with intention to expand into new markets.

Our Platforms

At Classward, we build software to enhance the learning process and careers.
Check out our platforms below:

E-Learning Platforms

These platforms have been customized specifically for the following
industries and programs:


With unlimited practice tests, comprehensive
study tools, and real-time results, EMTprep is
your one-stop study resource for the NREMT exam.

EMT-CE offers CAPCE accredited
F3 CE courses and NREMT approved F5
refresher cources. Recertify when it’s
convenient for you!


A combination of powerful instructor tools, questions, and content that break down the vital lessons and concepts students need to succeed in their EMS program.

Our People

Steve Williams, M.ED, IDC, EMT-P

Steve holds a Master’s in Education from Western Oregon University with an emphasis in information technology. He is one of the first to graduate from their school of education with a certificate in Instructional Design. During his studies, Steve focused heavily on finding new ways to incorporate technology into education.

Bryan Gassner, B.S. EMT-P

Bryan received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Oregon in Exercise Physiology, He continued his education and received his paramedic degree from Oregon Health and Science University, in Portland, Oregon. He currently works as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Oregon.

Evan R. Thompson, BFA

Despite his degree in fine art (with an emphasis on graphic design) from the University of Idaho in 2007, Evan has been a full-stack developer for more than 19 years and part of the Classward team for the last 8. He is primarily responsible for developing new products and maintaining our growing stable of sites and tools. Evan hails from Idaho and un-ironically describes himself as a "keyboard cowboy". He loves his job but grumbled for days about writing a bio for this site.

Our Story & Goals

Created in 2008 at a coffee shop in Austin, Texas by two native Oregonians, Classward, got its start with the website, A successful and easier way to study, combining technology and old-fashioned learning techniques was born. In the years since, Classward has introduced two industry-leading test preparation websites, mobile applications, and continue to adapt to how students effectively learn.

At Classward, our mission is to use the latest technologies and software to set new standards in the education field. We will adapt to how students learn in today’s world and make it easier for instructors to engage their class. We invite technology into the classroom to serve as an aid and an enhancement, never a distraction. Easier said than done... but the pursuit of this vision is what drives our work.

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